Jan 22, 2008

Self defense with Wiwille

Last night I was in my martial arts class gearing up for my belt test on Friday. Towards the end the instructor decided to have us do some reality based self defense. We split into two groups and three of us would practice scenarios where one person would be attacked by two others and we would practice fending off the bad guys and getting out of the situation.

While it's obvious that one would use hand to hand combat to get yourself out of the fight a good defense is also to raise your voice to get the attention of others and sometimes running like hell.

After being the bully a couple of times it was my turn to be a punching bag. The two attackers approached me casually as my brain started to think up ways of fighting them off. The first person, a black belt, came up to me and threw a front kick.

I blocked it and screamed "YOU'RE NOT MY DADDY." The attackers stopped and I got my window of time to get out of there. Everyone in the dojo stopped, stared, and laughter ensued. The instructor actually stated that was a great technique as it got everyones attention and it gave the attackers enough pause for me to safely remove myself from striking distance.

Wiwille, giving you sound advice while looking like a complete jackass.

"You may have heard that back in the States there are some people who are smoking grass. I don't know how you feel, but it's sure easier than cutting the stuff." - Pat Morita


Miss Ash said...

I would have paid to see that LOL!

Anonymous said...

my lord, you are priceless. I perfer my "HI YEEAAAHH" tho. Tehehe

Anonymous said...

Reminds me very much of an episode of King of the Hill. Hank sends Bobby to the YMCA to learn boxing so he can defend himself from some schoolyard bullies. The boxing class was full though so Bobby signs up for the only self defense with an opening. Long story short, Bobby screams "I DON'T KNOW YOU! LET GO OF MY PURSE!" before kicking people in the nards. One of the truly great moments in television history.

Scott said...

Dude, now that song is in my head. I am now going to have to find out who sings it and download it. Add it to my running mix perhaps??

Good luck on the belt exam.

Foster Communications said...

Talk about shock and awe. Did you plan to say that or did it just come out?? Too. Damn. Funny.

Wiwille said...

Miss Ash - $5 bucks and you're invited for an encore.

Anon (Sarah) - Eh I prefer mine.

WIGSF - I need to find that epsiode. I'm using that line next.

Scott - Glad I could share.

FC - It was spur of the moment. Had to fight not swearing. Still it was fun to say.

Big Ben said...

Has your daddy ever attacked you?