Jan 2, 2008

Just a city boy, born and raised in south Detroit...

No you're not reading Scott's blog, but I did use a lyric as a title. Yeah I'm not above ripping people off.

New Years Eve was a fun filled evening. Elli had her birthday dinner and it was a good turnout as well sat and ate with her folks. I met the parents for the first time and found them to be enjoyable. Antics ensued and I think Elli's parents thinks we're all friggin nutjobs and really they wouldn't be that far off.

Later on that evening a bunch of us made our way to a bar to ring in the New Year. Heavy drinking was in order as I noticed I had about 7 at dinner and was well on my 3rd beer. Quoc and I drank out of one of the plastic hats and I still don't recall who thought that was a good idea, but it was done.

Midnight occurred and everyone celebrated the new year. Afterwards someone put Journey's 'Don't Stop Believing' on the jukebox and the entire bar sang along through the first verse. I felt old somewhat, but it was actually a cool moment. We all enjoyed the comradery we shared and then made our way to do some dancing.

At some point I got separated from the group and I'm not sure how, but when I did notice I decided not to walk around looking for them and instead head to the club. I had to pee and didn't feel like emptying my bladder in public, which is something I've never done. Yeah well moving on...

We boogied the night away to an interesting mix by the DJ and fun was had by all. After the place closed I walked outside and watched the people hug each other and feel a sense of embracing the good times that were just spent. I was glad to be a part of it.

"For the record it was Erik who gave her the present." - Corey (inside joke)


Anonymous said...

Most Overplayed Songs In History
#3 Journey's Don't Stop Believin'

rawbean said...

Sometimes the way you write makes me laugh (in a good way) - you're so formal!

Miss Ash said...

You've never peed in public (yeah right) but you've thrown up all over someone's lawn while they watched....ummm yeah!! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

It was Eli and Quoc who thought drinking from the hat was a good idea. To me that is a sign that you have all drank too much already.

Wiwille said...

WIGSF - I agree.

Rawbean - I'm glad I can amuse.

Miss Ash - Yeah I was being sarcastic.

Anon (Sam) - Whoever idea it was I still decided to join in and I'm glad I did.