Jan 3, 2008

The force is strong with this young one

If there was one fantasy I still hold from my youth it's whooping ass with a lightsaber. Yes many from my generation still hold on to that image of us brandishing a laser sword and slicing stormtroopers to bits. I can't explain the fascination with the imaginary weapon, but sometimes it's just best to enjoy the imagery.

One tyke though got his wish and not only attacking with one, but defending his mother while doing so. According the article some man came and punched his mother while yelling at her. The child decided to do something about it and grabbed his toy lightsaber and whacked the 30 year old attacker sending him fleeing.

I believe the man in question defines 'worthless pig fucker' by attacking a woman and fleeing from a little boy. I hope he spends many years being ridiculed in prison.

Oh and this article is from the Sun, so it's questionable that it actually happened.

"I thought Star Wars was too wacky for the general public." - George Lucas

Sabre-way from my mum!


Mattbear said...

Once when I was young, I got in an argument with my sister, and she grabbed me, ripping my Thing (as in Fantastic Four) t-shirt. I got mad and hit her with my lightsaber, leaving a nasty bruise across the back of her hand.

In the intervening 20+ years, she's never let me forget that incident. If I threaten her or tell her to shut up, she still says, "What are you going to do, hit me with your lightsaber?"

Miss Ash said...

Isn't that just teaching the boy that violence is OK? He too resorted to violent means....I get self defence and all that, I'm just saying.....

rawbean said...

Alright! The little kid kicked some ass!

Foster Communications said...

Way to lay the smack down! Props to the kid!

Grace said...

Good for him. It's a good thing he had that lightsaber handy.

Wiwille said...

Mattbear - Why do sisters hold such grudges?

Miss Ash - Well I doubt the kid would've accomplished much by blowing kisses.

Rawbean - Damn skippy.

FC - I agree that kid rocks.

Grace - Lesson here is carry a lightsaber, or something.