Jan 7, 2008

Wiwille makes new years resolution, not sure how he feels about it

For the last few months I started leaning towards making a huge step in my life and with the ringing of the New Year I feel it's appropriate the leap be made. Now one who reads my blog would probably assume that as a resolution I should start being more charitable, not constantly use my middle finger in traffic, take a writing course, or stop wishing the untimely demise of vacuous celebrities. Really they're all noble pursuits.

What may surprise and/or confuse people that know me is that I'm going to be changing my wardrobe habits. Yes for a while now I've been looking at my closet and seeing a lot of items that either no longer fit or never fit right to begin with. Many tacky shirts, coats, and pants are about to be donated so there'll be more space in my dresser.

Really this is a big step for me. Seriously folks I have a hard time getting rid of clothes for whatever reason.

I, Wiwille, do resolve that every paycheck I'll buy something until my closet and dresser is full again. What's different now is I won't be wearing a lot of hand me downs and way too large tshirts. Nope. With the assistance of Rawbean, who's been kind enough to browse online with me, I've been picking out certain styles that seem rather trendy and doing pre-shopping if you will. I'm starting to be less practical and take more interest in aesthetics of personal dress.

Yes I'm as shocked as you are. Wish me luck and don't call me a pansy.

No I haven't watched Fight Club lately. Why do you ask?

"Fashion is not frivolous. It is a part of being alive today." - Mary Quant


Rawbean said...

This is going to be good (rubbing hands together).

Anonymous said...

I've got two words for you: Hugo Boss.

That is all.

Alec said...

I've got two better words for you: "Nordstrom Rack". Mens style changes slowly enough that it won't matter that you're buying a style which is 6 months old. If you're looking to build up a wardrobe at a cheap price, it's hard to beat the Rack.

Once you've got a new set of basics, I'll give you another two words, "Brooks Brothers". If you need a dress shirt, tie or suit... there's no place better than Brooks Brothers. Go to the outlet store up at the Tulalip Casino for some great deals.

Another option is Lands End, which has a very impressive web site to custom order shirts.

Scott said...

Good to hear. I embarked on similar mission not toolong ago. it is going well I have to say!


Miss Ash said...

I'd like to see some of your current outfits, post some pics so we can see the change :)

Mattbear said...

I salute your sartorial resolution, sir. "The clothes make the man", they say, and I can attest that I certainly feel better when I dress well.

I am trying to change my wardrobe as well, but I'm going to be making some of my new clothes (or at least helping...the missus is far better at sewing than I).

And to Miss Ash:

>I'd like to see some of your current outfits, post some pics so we can see the change

The only time I have seen Wiwille in anything other than t-shirt and jeans is at the co. holiday party, which is a dressy occassion and he usually puts a suit on for.

I did, however, note the wearing of a leather jacket recently that I hadn't seen before, and that looks pretty good on him.

Wiwille said...

Rawbean - The results should be interesting.

WIGSF - I'll check it out.

Alec - The factory outlet is really not a bad idea. I might go up there this week.

Scott - Great minds buddy. Great minds.

Miss Ash - Yeah that probably won't happen, but thanks.

Mattbear - Props to you for sewing. I know I'm terrible at it, but I wish you the best of luck. Glad to see someone likes the new jacket.