May 8, 2008

It just won't die

The Tuesday primaries are over thankfully and it's clear that Hillary's stubborn refusal to drop out even though it's mathematically impossible for her to win is the result of a) she knows something we don't or b) she's gone completely batshit. I guess she cares less about having the nominee spend their time setting up a strategy for the general election. It's sad that Hillary can't put the needs of the party above her quest for power. If she could stop drinking the blood of children and realize public service is more important then her needs then....oh who am I kidding. She's a Presidential candidate so her and the rest of her ilk would stomp on puppies skulls if it meant a seat in the Oval Office.

If the Super delegates happen to abandon the will of the people and decide Hillary will be the nominee I predict an easy win for McCain in the general election. That's because I'm all savvy like about politics all the while making supermodels melt at that thought of looking in my eyes.

In other news I wrote about the douchebaggery that is John Fitzgerald Page a while back and his upcoming appearance on Dr Phil. I found the video on Gawker and immediately sent it to numerous female friends explaining that if they ever date someone like him that I would beat both of them senseless. All agreed that they wouldn't so thankfully violence will not ensue.

After watching the video I haven't decided who is the bigger jackass, him or Dr Phil. Actually the worst people of all is the women who sleep with them.

In keeping with the theme of this utterly random and useless post I just realized the other day that the nurse on Scrubs, who's smoking hot btw, was the other Becky on Roseanne. I'm not sure why I know that or why you would care, but I just thought I'd share.

I think I've had way too much coffee this morning.

"We worship an awesome God in the Blue States, and we don't like federal agents poking around our libraries in the Red States. We coach Little League in the Blue States and have gay friends in the Red States." - Obama


Anonymous said...

Hey Capt Random...
the other Becky on Roseanne, shes not a nurse on scrubs, shes a DR. Elliot Reid , giggity goo, still hot though...

whatigotsofar said...

Okay, Justin beat me to it. But I will add this to the point on Sarah Chalke, tv's Dr. Elliot Reed. (Seeing as how she gives me a good point.) Do you think that all women who work in hospitals are nurses? You do know that women are just as capable of being doctors as the men. Just as women are capable of being all sorts of other career professionals. Women can be lawyers, teachers, accountants, strippers, exotic dancers, peelers, prostitutes, hookers, escorts, call girls, the list goes on. Women can be anything they want to be.

JLee said...

Yeah, the only Becky I remembered was Lecy Goranson. I didn't know that Sarah Chalke played her later though..thanks for sharing! It seems to be the topic most people are interested in on this post. lol

grace said...

I hate Dr. Phil... he annoys the hell out of me.

Oh, and WIGSF, men can be dicks.

Miss Ash said...

She's also on How I Met Your Mother now as Ted's love interest.

And that guy has got to go....the suspenders kill me. I hope it airs again so I can actually see the full interview.

Anonymous said...

The fact that you would need to tell any of your female friends not to date a guy like that, is rather scary. As we discussed in person, he is not even close to attractive so it's hillarious that he is cocky at ALL. Dr. Phil? Don't get me started.

As far as Hilary is concerned, let her make an ass of herself, it's amusing and I hope you come visit me in whatever country I move to if McCain is elected.

I assure you WIGSF, Erik is not the type of man to think women aren't intelligent enough to be what they want, he just has to look past their rack first ;)