May 22, 2008

Thursday music: No justice no peace

Last night I went out with Corey, Elli, and her friend Andrea. We were sitting at a nice Italian place chatting it up when the conversation took a fun turn. Being huge fans of Fight Club we sat and asked each other which celebrity we'd like to fight. Many names were thrown out including Rosie O'Donell, John Mclaughlin, Cameron Diaz, Bill O'Reilly, and Vladimir Putin.

Finally other topics arose as we ate our dinner, but every now and then I piped up with a name out of the blue which may or may not have annoyed the others at the table. Finally one name came to my head and I couldn't help but blurt it out.

"The Reverend Al Sharpton," I declared.

The whole table fell silent.

"Good answer," Corey said.

Elli and Andrea laughed. We discussed the finer points of kicking the crap out of the infamous pastor, but we all agreed he's such a master of extortion that I may have a crappy life afterwards. Still if the fight did commence and after I won I'd wear that fact proudly like a badge. I wonder if they have bumper stickers for that. "I kicked the crap out of the Reverend Al Sharpton and all I got was a bunch of protesters."

Who would you fight?

So for Thursday music I bring you a song mixed from Fight Club.

"If you play the theatrics too much, you get in the way of your own cause." - Al Sharpton


SareBeth said...

Wiwille, I would fight Will Farrell. Simply becuase I hate his acting with a passion, and would like to see the man bleeding from his ears.
Whoa, that felt good! ..maybe I'm a little physco?

Anonymous said...

Courtney Love. She is a waste of skin and she was gross enough to want to be married to Kurt Cobain. Whom, in my opinion, is the most overrated singer EVER. (I wonder how many people I will piss of for that?) But mostly, she is just ewwww. Also, your girlfriend Scarlett. She took my man and broke your heart, 'nuff said

Anonymous said...

Off not of... Martinis are good... Wait, is that why you weren't at work today?

Pablo G said...

Lou Dobbs or Wanda Sykes

Anonymous said...

For any Canadians reading, I would fight David Suzuki. That guy is just asking for a nice ass-kicking. I would like to somehow involve the use of non-renewable energies into his ass-kicking.

For the non-Canadians reading, I'm not sure of his name, but he's like the big guy in all that lame indie-schlock stuff, Conor Oberst. Well, him or the guy from Dashboard Confessional. Those guys need a nice ass-kicking too. Then when I'm done, I'll give those guys the one thing they need more than an ass-kicking. I'll give them each a pair of testicles, because it's obvious there isn't a single ball between the both of them.

And John Mayer, watch out, you're next.

SareBeth said...

I couldn't agree with Andrea's comment more. About Nirvana and Kurt. Gah!!!!

Mattbear said...

That song is actually "This is your life (featuring Tyler Durden)" by the Dust was a "hidden bonus track" on the movie soundtrack. I love to play that one when I'm...let's just say, not sober.

And my answer would be, Dick Cheney. Sure he's old as dirt, but he's mean. He'd put up a good fight.

Anonymous said...

I would fight you. You are such a big star!