May 13, 2008

Search terms

I was checking out my site meter the other day taking a look at how people come across this blog. I'm amazed at what search terms bring up Erik's Ramblings. Listed below are a few examples of how people stumble across my mildly literate posts.

1. Mother daughter sex team/espresso: This leads to a post I wrote about regarding a local coffee stand.

2. Naked shaving: I'm not sure what people expect to find when they type this into their search engine, but often they hit my post about naked shavers in the gym. One of my favorites search terms for this is "i want to see you shave and naked".

3. Sexymonica: I received some Myspace spam a while back and poked fun at the lengthy message included. To date it's one of my favorite posts. I don't think people using this as a search term had this post in mind.

4. Scarlett Johannson/boobs: Was there any doubt?

5. Joy Luck Club: It seems there's a lot of people in Asia who like to read about this film.

6. He took the midnight train going anywhere/Just a small town boy, born and raised in south Detroit: This leads to a couple of posts, one written about my buddy Corey falling victim to thievery and another about a New Years celebration.

7. Poison Ivy 2. I guess I'm not the only one who loves me a film featuring Alyssa Milano topless.

8. Dr Phil sucks: I'm very happy to know I'm not the only one that feels this way about the pathetic Texan "doctor".

9. Judi Bowker naked: I sometimes want to see the look of disappointment when someone wants to see some Clash of the Titans nudity and instead comes across this post.

I should write a weekly update of these search terms as there are many more, but these seem to be the most popular. For reasons I won't even begin to speculate on a lot of these folk seem to be from Germany. Draw your own conclusions.

"Germany has reduced savagery to a science, and this great war for the victorious peace of justice must go on until the German cancer is cut clean out of the world body." - Theodore Roosevelt


Anonymous said...

I used to get a lot of hits from "smurf penis" and "hairy boobs."

Lately, it's been all "awesomeball" and "batman penguin."

And yesterday I got two hits for "bon jovi briefs or boxers."
I'm still known in New Jersey I guess.

Miss Ash said...

# 2 made me laugh out loud. It's amazing what people on the net are looking bizzare!!

Claire said...

Lord bless the internet!


Mattbear said...

Yeah, the "naked shavers" one is almost as predictable as the Scarlett one.

These days, most of mine are for the Zombie Defense Survival kit (not even mine, I just posted the picture) or the phrase "most flexible woman" (from a post about Cirque de Soleil).

grace said...

Haha, very interesting. Shows how diverse your posting topics are.

JLee said...

It's always fun to do that, and I think WIGSF may have you beat on the weird searches. haha