May 12, 2008

Wiwille goes shopping with mom

Mother's Day was a success thankfully, but not without it's battle scars. Dear old ma asked for one thing for her present and that was for Perry Mason on DVD. I went to pick up a copy and found a couple of seasons worth of episodes released, plus some fiftieth anniversary collection. I decided to buy it all while it's still available.

When I showed them to her she was estactic. When I was a kid they would show Perry Mason reruns and everything going on in the house would cease so she could watch her favorite fictional lawyer make someone cry on the stand.

She opened the DVDs and started watching an episode, then another, then another. Dad and I couldn't pull her away from the television.

Sunday morning I take them both out to breakfast at their favorite greek restaurant. They go there so much the staff brings out their coffee with all the fixings before my folks have a chance to ask. We got great service and the eggs benedict was excellent.

After breakfast it was my Mom's time to decide to do what she wanted. She was indecisive, so I asked her if she wanted to go shopping.

I think Dad wanted to punch me.

She said yes of course and we followed her through the mall as she browsed. I even bought some stuff for myself. The shoe shopping was harrowing though as it seems more like armed combat. I sat in a chair while ladies were trying on footwear in a frantic fashion. Every now and then a guy would walk by and give eye contact and a head nod. We both knew each other's pain, but we dare not say anything for fear of angering the shoe shoppers. I believe there's nothing more dangerous than a group of females at a shoe sale.

Finally we got home and as you might have guessed we watched more Perry Mason.

Still she had a good time and I'm glad. It was a good day for her and she deserves it for putting up with my Dad, my sister, and I.

"Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children." - William Makepeace Thackeray


Anonymous said...

MMMM Perry. I would have done the same and jumped right into episode after episode. It's been a long time since I've seen any but I love me some Perry Mason. I still think he was so handsome. You know, after watching the intro again, besides the chin dimple and lack of greased hair, I see A LOT of similarities between Wiwille and Raymond B.

Mattbear said...

Heh...My mother loves greek food, but she hadn't been out for greek in a long time, so that's what we did for dinner.

SD said...

I'm glad your mom and I think alike. I bought two pairs of shoes for mothers day. :)

Anonymous said...

Shopping with mom, I can definitely relate. I kinda wished me and my mom had some free time to do that.

JLee said...

That's so sweet of you to get your mom just what she wanted and take her anywhere she wanted. She must've raised you right! ;)

grace said...

Sounds like a beautiful day. I'm sure your mom enjoyed every bit of it.

Miss Ash said...

I've never even seen an episode of Perry Mason.

Good job on the shopping though I'm sure your mother appreciated it (while your dad was seething in the corner)