Dec 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

2008 is coming to a close and the populace gets ready to ring in the new year with much fanfare watching the ball drop and kissing their beloved. I will spend this evening as you would expect, which involves pickeling my liver and depleting my bank account at some bar.

I'm normally not one for making resolutions, but this year will be different. Instead of making one I'll list out quite a few so at least I can claim one as a victory.

Without further ramblings I bring you Wiwille's resolutions for 2009:

1. I, Wiwille, resolve to meet at least one blogger on the 'blogs by people I never met' list. Last year I met the lovely Miss Ash and the pretty Kellie and am glad I did.
2. 2008 was a great year for boobies and I want that to continue in 2009. Hopefully the boobage will be so glorious one day I'll lead a congo line of people chanting 'boobies boobies booooooobies, boobies boobies booooooobies'.
3. It's been said that I'm a better person with at least three pints of beer in me so I hope to maintain that level of inebriation for the greater good.
4. I really want to finish production on Corey's script. I think it's hilarious and should be a small hit.
5. I want a better Halloween costume this year. Jessica inspired me to dress as backup dancer for Beyonce based on a recent SNL skit. Sorry for that image.
6. I believe this blog needs more political posts and an obscene amount of pictures of Anne Hathaway.
7. Canada's a nice country, but living so close to it doesn't make visiting it that much of a memorable trek. I'd really like to visit another man's land, especially one where I'm not versed in their native tounge.
8. Corey, Quoc, and I agreed to go paragliding this year for my birthday. I hope to do something similar for theirs and keep this going every year till one day we'll have to go running with the bulls or spelunking down caves in Thailand to find an activity we've never done before.
9. I will meet her in person.
10. I'll pick up an instrument I used to play and start practicing again.
11. Yes I will get that motorcycle I've always talked about.
12. To gain a sense of serenity I will randomly sing 80s pop tunes at inappropriate times while under the influence of up to 17 pints of beer.
13. I want to spend more time with my nephews.

So there you have it. I hope to accomplish at least one goal on this list. If I don't I need to seriously get a life.

The folks at Erik's Ramblings wish all of you a safe and happy New Year!

"An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves." - Bill Vaughan


Pablo G said...

Boobies boobies booooooobies, boobies boobies booooooobies

Miss Ash said...

Just exactly how many pints does it take you to get trashed?

It takes me 3 and my male friend about a dozen which to me is shocking. Well he's probably trashed after 6 or 7 but keeps on going.

Kelli said...

If you go to Thailand ... let me know, there is a great drinking game there and I can give you some tips! It's all about the beer & boobs.

WV: soalplac ... is that like tartar build up of the soul? Isn't that what New Year's is all about? Cleansing the past?

JLee said...

Great list except the boobies thing. ha
Have a very happy and safe NYE and you're always welcome to come visit Big D. I will buy you a Texas sized beer.