Dec 11, 2008

Thursday Music

Most people I know in my generation don't care for jazz at all. I guess it's understandable considering the scene never really appealed to much to younger folks and the corporate powers that be are too busy hammering into the brains of music lovers that Nickleback, Creed, Dave Matthews Band, and Linkin Park are the only ones pumping out quality tunes.

We all have a love of the music we grew up with regardless if it's good or not and maybe that's why I have a place in my heart for John Coltrane. I listened to him for years on a cassette that was given to me and didn't even realize who he was. All my friends hated it. My parents couldn't stand it. No one I knew enjoyed it at all.

So at the risk of posting a tune which no one will like I bring you John Coltrane playing with the coolest mother fucker who ever lived. Not my favorite of their tunes, but still a good one.

"You can play a shoestring if you're sincere." - John Coltrane


Kelli said...

I like Jazz ... I don't there is enough of it.

Mattbear said...

Coltrane and Miles? Schweet.

There's a video or two out there of Coltrane with Thelonius Monk...that's the best, man.

Miss Ash said...

I lived with a bunch of guys taking jazz in school, surprisingly they sounded really good. I actually don't mind jazz at all.

Genie said...

Yeah for Eric..I agree with you completely about our generation. Most of them don't have very good taste in music. I mean real music the kind that reaches in to the very depth of your soul and sends you souring to the clouds. I too love jazz and love your pic of the week. Kudos to you.