Dec 2, 2008


When I browse the DVD section I find a lot of crap that should've died a sweet death with VHS. Many times I've seen copies of old B horror films that upon viewing you would think they're being used as torture devices reserved for 'guests' at Guantanamo. Don't get me started on why 'Armageddon' and 'The Rock' should have no business being apart of the Criterion Collection. That's for another post.

Every Christmas I browse sites like Amazon to hopefully find movies that are considered obscure by my generation. My parents like old films and many of them have been forgotten by audiences. When buying them gifts I have to get creative when searching for them. Both complain about films they love not being available on DVD such as the laughably bad 'Harry Black and the Tiger' to the mediocre 'Boy on a Dolphin'.

The other day I found myself speaking like them when referring to the masterpiece that is Rad which has yet to be released from VHS obscurity. When I caught myself I ran to the nearest mirror and started checking for grey hairs.

I've written about this film before and it's on my 'Bad Movies I Love' list, but I can't understand why crap like 'The Never Ending Story book 3' and 'Blackula' are available on the soon to be extinct DVD format and childhood favorites such as 'Rad' will never be enjoyed by the next generation.

Look I understand market forces drive everything behind the arts and yes I know Rad is a terrible film, but seriously people create a demand for such fine entertainment. Think of the children! You know anything that stars the late great Ray Walston is a movie worth sitting through at least once.

For you naysayers I dare you not to be touched by the bicycle boogie scene with Lori Laughlin. Yes this was before she started sharing screen smooches with Uncle Jesse.

"God, what I wouldn't give to go ass-sliding with you right now." - Cru Jones


Anonymous said...

One of these days, you're going to have to resign yourself to the fact that Michael Bay isn't as bad as you think.

Anonymous said...

As with all media, (music, television, movies, books, etc) the best way is the pirate way.

JLee said...

I think you nailed it with this one. A really good, bad movie! ha

Anonymous said...

Is it me or is Lori Laughlin a major hottie? I would watch this just because of her. Gives me bad thoughts. Rowr!

Anonymous said...

I have asked Amazon to notify me when it comes out on DVD for you and Tracy...someday....