Dec 15, 2008

Wiwille's inconsequential list

The internet is chock full of stupid lists and jumping on this ridiculous bandwagon will be your author. Sure you'll see many writers detailing their favorite books and what's the perfect mix CD you should give your scorned girlfriend after she finds those pics on your best friends cell phone, but today's post won't be as interesting or as scandalous as I detail for you the best and worst movies of this year.

I haven't been to the cinema a lot this year choosing instead to spend my time drinking myself into states that would make Ireland proud and waking up in unfamiliar places. Still with DVDs coming out a month after a film's theatrical run I've attempted to keep up. So in no particular order below are my favorite films of 2008:

The Dark Knight: While yes I do believe that in some ways this film is overrated, but still it's the finest superhero film ever to be made. If the genre had a "Godfather" this would be it. Remarkable acting from the entire cast and a great script this has set the standard for all future comic films to aspire to, and I imagine many will fall short.

Slumdog Millionaire: A treat for the senses, this film from Danny Boyle has an excellent story detailing the upbringing of a kid born into extreme poverty and how it never hardened him to risk all for his love. A touching tale with a rousing soundtrack and excellent cinematography.

Wall-E: While not the best from Pixar I was amazed at how this film captured my attention in the first act while having little dialogue. The stabs at it's own consumer base was humorous and the tale of a robot's dreams made for an entertaining movie. Visually it was incredible as you would expect from this studio.

The Bank Job: Heist films are hardly original, but this one is a clever tale based on one of Britain's largest bank robbery. Yes I'm as surprised as you are that I'm posting a film starring Jason Statham.

Gonzo: A revealing look into the life of one of my favorite writers. It's a well crafted documentary that's both honest and telling. While there are many films surrounding the legend of the unorthodox 'journalist' this one is by far my favorite. It has it's flaws yes, but for fans and even those who've never heard of him it's an entertaining journey into the life of one who was never bored.

And now for the worst:

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: I don't know where to begin with my loathing of this film. The script abandoned all the traits that made the previous three films charming and fun to watch. This movie, like it's cast, is tired and humorless.

Religiolous: I know I'll catch a lot of flack from Maher devotees, but really this film is nothing more than him being snide with the emotionally crippled. It's like watching two hours of poking fun of people on the street which loses it's luster in about ten minutes. While Bill Maher is not as smart as he or his fans think he is the comedian is too intelligent to make a film this preachy and dull. It's more disappointing than bad. It's proof that just because you agree with a subject doesn't make it a good documentary. It's like watching the wildly overrated 'Outfoxed'.

Prom Night: Saw this because of a girl and I still wish I had that time back. Quite possibly one of the least scary horror films ever. Oh 'The Ruins' sucked too. Damn her.

Well there it is. I'm sure there's more I could think of if I really spent more time.

"One of the rules of satire is that you can't mock things you don't understand, and Religulous starts developing fault lines when it becomes clear that Maher's view of religious faith is based on a sophomoric reading of the Scriptures." - Neely Tucker


Scott said...

I really have to see Slumdog Millionaire. It sounds so interesting.

Good reviews.

Mattbear said...

Hmmm...interesting list. Personally, I thought Wall-E sucked, and Crystal Skull was pretty good (considering I hated Temple of Doom and Last Crusade).

I'll have to give "The Bank Job" a chance...I had written it off as another craptastic Statham-fueled all action/no plot movie.

Miss Ash said...

I'm with Scott on this one it does sound interesting but strangely enough I have never even heard of it.

grace said...

The only movie that I saw out of your list is the Indiana Jones flick. I actually thought it was kinda good, not overly good, but it was fairly decent.

JLee said...

I loved "Wall-E" and keep hearing good things about "Slumdog" I'll have to check it out soon.

Miss A said...

I didn't know about "Gonzo" until I read your post...found it on PPV, and I loved it!

I readily admit to having a strange crush on HST...I wonder what that says about me??? LOL!