May 22, 2009


I was having a conversation last night regarding the Mary K Letourneau story and how there was a ridiculous, almost sick, double standard the media gave it's coverage. We both agreed that we think it's highly messed up that the press released the name and image of the rape victim (yes it is rape in the eyes of the law), something they wouldn't do if the genders were reversed.

Granted I have to admit I have my own double standards as well. When the Debra Lefavre news hit my first reaction was that the boy in question was the luckiest kid in the whole wide world. Then reason took over and I felt otherwise.

Today it's come to my attention that Letourneau and her husband will be hosting an event at a Seattle club, Fuel, entitled 'Hot for Teacher Night'. In what other world would we give a child rapist this kind of publicity? If she were a man would we as consumers want to give her any attention and money?

I guess we do, because Roman Polanski still has a career.

Oh and I still think Debra Lefavre is hot. I hate myself sometimes.

"I realize a lot of people take it in the wrong way, but at the same time, I feel like, since she has served her time and they are married by the state of Washington, that it's all in good fun." - Fuel owner Mike Morris

Mary K. Letourneau hosting 'Hot for Teacher' night


Mattbear said...

You're asking the wrong question.

Roman Polanski isn't villified because he was already a success when he became a child molester (and, let's face it, he makes good movies). Fans of Allen Ginsberg ignored his membership in NAMBLA because he'd already written "Howl". Gary Glitter's "Rock n' Roll Pt. 2" gets played at every hockey game because he was a rockstar before he was discovered to be a pedophile.

For men, the double standard is success. The difference between Roman Polanski and Joe "the guy in the windowless van with the good candy" is success, fame, and wealth (and maybe the ability to flee the country).

For women, the double standard is beauty. Mary K, while no Scarlett, is not bad looking. If she was Wanda the creepy toothless hag, she would be treated differently.

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wigsf said...

I don't feel tardy.

JLee said...

This is true and I think it's because boys (men) are typically seen as the "aggressor".

Of course there are still very young women in their teens marrying older men and it's perfectly legal given parental consent. I guess you just have to have the piece of paper. ha

Claire said...

I can't believe she's doing a club night.


Miss Ash said...

So are you going to go to the club and see the child rapist?? Just wondering.....