May 18, 2009

Sugary douchey to just downright scary.

In surfing the intertubes the other day I came across a real gem of a video. A guy who hasn't seen nor heard from his ex-girlfriend in over two years was feeling down about the loss of his love. He did what any reasonable person would do, he made a mildly homoerotic nine minute film dedicated to the girl who stole his heart.

Now we've all done things to try to win the affection to those who have once scorned us. Whether it be drunk dialing, sending flowers, or nailing their pet to their door a lot of these tokens may seem pathetic, if not dangerous. Still some may pull at the heartstrings of any romantic, but this video...oh why don't you take a look and waste nine minutes of your life. Be sure to see the end of this as it's golden.

Note how in love with himself this man seems to be, the odd use of farm equipment, and the Rocky Balboa declaration of love. Having some experience with film I know this guy put a lot of time and effort into making this, which at first I wasn't sure if it was creepy or sweet.

Then I did some research.

Apparently the subject of this video goes by Ben. After making this video he kept spamming a lot of online forums in his attempt to have the whole world see this. Someone took the guy's footage and made a parody video, which angered the original author to no end. Ben started replying to the person mocking him claiming he had a team of lawyers on a plane ready to sue him. It doesn't stop there.

Ben kept replying over and over again making all sorts of ludicrous claims that involved the FBI, CIA, and Interpol. He called his mocker an American hating terrorists, homosexual, and all other juvenile insults. It went on for a while until it was revealed that Ben's dream was to play Captain America and he might believe that he already has.

Clearly the creator of this video is mentally ill and it stopped being funny and turned scary. I hope his ex-girlfriend is okay. Seriously.

The internet has become quite the sounding board for the crazies, cause if it's one thing nutty people crave it's attention and that's exactly what he's getting. So be careful out there ladies. Something that may seem sweet may just be a sign of obsession. You may meet a guy who does all sorts of romantic gestures to try and win your heart, but then you find him trying to toast your fish.

"If the national mental illness of the United States is megalomania, that of Canada is paranoid schizophrenia." - Margaret Atwood


Big Ben said...

This guy had to share my name now didn't he! Loved the video, Loren needs to stay away. Now I need to find the parody video.

wigsf said...

Margaret Atwood is a treasonous bitch.

Anonymous said...

That's just creepy.

Mattbear said...

A real man would have actually spelled out "I love you", not just "I (heart) U".

I've bucked hay before, and while it's a pain in the ass, I can do more than that and I'm fat, out of shape, and arthritic.

I think there's a gap between what women think is romantic, and what men think women think is romantic. This video shows not just a gap, but a chasm. Not that I could tell you accurately what women find romantic - I have no clue, but I'm at least aware of that. But I do know this - if you haven't even heard from your ex in two years, there's a fucking good reason.