May 14, 2009

Thursday Music

I was never a big Beatles fan.

There I said it.

Granted I enjoy some of their music, but the early stuff released by that band is silly and juvenile. They were; however, one of the few bands that grew significantly better as they aged. The fact that they threw in the towel before the four of them started sucking shows how critical timing is in not only art, but celebrity culture.

John and his odd wife take most of the blame for the breakup of the Beatles by people who won't just let it go. His solo career was a good one; however, I'm not impressed by many of the songs Lennon produced. Maybe if he spent a little less time being a megalomaniac opportunist and media whore his studio work would've shown more ambition. Sadly we'll never know the full extent of his talents as his life was taken too early.

I'm not sure why, but I had 'Instant Karma' stuck in my head as I woke this morning, so that's what I bring you Thursday Music readers (listeners) today:

"As usual, there is a great woman behind every idiot." - John Lennon


Claire said...

I really don't know the Beatles that well. Some songs I know and like...but I wouldn't say I was a fan by any means.


Jessica said...

I am a HUGE Beatles fan. (a "sleeper fan" if you will. I only have a few peices of parafaniala lying around the house these days, I kninda grew out of that part). But if you ever want a crash course or some more exposure, let me know. Ive got it all. :) Love to sit and listen/discuss it with you.

Kelli said...

Yoko couldn't have stirred up trouble if there wasn't issues there to stir up. Just sayin'.

Kelli said...

*That should have been "weren't" not "wasn't"... geesh, I'm outta school two days and there goes my grammar.