May 20, 2009

Thursday Music

I hear of so many relationships nowadays that are started and often times ended online. It makes sense. Behind the veil of a computer one can bring forth their best qualities to a party they're interested in, but sadly they can hide the baggage. Still the lure of meeting someone through the convenience of the internet is too much for some.

Wooing online can lead to a serious amount of drama now that social norms have changed. Whether they be putting someone first on MySpace, sending the right context in IM, or showing enough attention 'poking', a new age of showing your affection has dawned for better or for worse.

Are relationship better due to our constant communication online? I still ponder this.

Anyways these singers have developed a clever song for their online beaus. With tongue firmly in cheek, and sadly not in mine, they sing a song dedicated to romance via their favorite social networking site. So today good folks I bring you the song below:

"If I thought my friends were interesting, Facebook has taught me otherwise. Last week I decided that I couldn't take any more David "is making soup" or Denise "hopes the Celtics can pull it off" updates. I did the unthinkable: I started hiding updates from friends who have an annoying habit of clogging my Facebook news feed with useless snippets of their lives." - Christopher Muther


JLee said...

Yes, it can open up a whole weird world and I was just getting a post ready about Facebook and some drama that can ensue. lol

Miss Ash said...

That CM quote is sooooo true and that song is super cute. I wish I could sit around and sing like that with my friends but alas I am talentless in that area.

WV: throbjug

Mizzle said...

Note to self...stop meeting people online. Agh.