Aug 27, 2009

Thursday Music

When I was young I picked up instruments fairly quickly and since I seem to have a lot of time on my hands lately I decided to get back into the hobby. My first thought was to get a piano, but given the expense and size it didn't seem practical. I could've went with a keyboard, but if you're going to do something you might as well do it right. The clarinet and sax no longer appeals to me, so I asked my friend Corey if he would give me advice on what kind of guitar I should buy.

After some discussion we make our way to Guitar Center and I picked up various acoustic guitars playing some chords I was just taught to get a feel for what I wanted. Friend (yes that's his real given name. I'm not kidding) joined us and showed off his skills and gave me some advice. I went way under my original budget for the instrument and was quite happy with my purchase in the end. Corey stated it looked like something Johnny Cash would play, probably because it's black, which is pretty cool.

The three of us go back to Corey's and I learned how to tune and they both showed me other chords. Corey then picked up his guitar.

Corey: This is the first song I learned on my guitar. It'll now be the first for you too.
Me: Ok.

He shows me three simple chords and I start to pick up on them surprisingly quickly. After a little bit of practice I start to really tune into what Corey and I were playing. We started to sing in unison.

"We both lie silently still in the dead of the night."

Ye gods we were playing Poison.

"Although we both lie close together we feel miles apart inside."

We both started laughing at the fact we're strumming butt rock.

Me: That's actually pretty easy.
Corey: Yep. Three chords. That's all it is.
Me: Wow. I knew they sucked, but seriously..
Corey: ...and Bret Michaels got laid a lot because of those three chords.
Me: Unbelievable.
Corey: Once you really start getting into it it'll skew your perception of music. You'll find most of it is just compiled of like eight chords.
Me: Damn I wish I was seventeen again. I really got into the wrong business.

Already I'm having loads of fun with it. It's nice to have another daily creative outlet other than this blog. Then again I hope I don't become a pretentious douchebag who'll shout their unsolicited opinions on who's the best guitarist to anyone within ear shot and when a game of Rockband is upon me will grunt and say in a huffy manner "not me. I play real instruments."

"I've had plenty of big hits and plenty of big misses." - Bret Michaels


Claire said...

Good for you...Rock on!


JLee said...'s surprising how many songs are 3 easy chords! What kind of guitar do you have? I know a guy who says that about GH and I just want to slap him..."get over yourself!" lol

Kelli said...

Man, I love that song. Bret Michaels could pull of the spandex & leather. That's some sexy stuff, right there.

Kelli said...

that was supposed to be "pull off"...

Miss Ash said...

Can we start making requests??