Aug 26, 2009

Wiwille is torn

As most of you are aware the often referred to 'lion of the senate' has passed at the age of 77. My condolences to the loved ones of Ted Kennedy.

Now that he's passed I don't know what to think about his career. His accomplishments, at least the ones people can actually name without searching Wikipedia, are largely over looked by his personal drama. Granted he made some horrible choices in his political life, such as taking on Carter in his bid for President in 1980, but as much as I follow the Senate I can't recall for the life of me much about his career.

Largely overshadowed by the assassinations of his brothers, Ted was the family's last hope to keep the dream of Camelot alive. Sadly for Democrats he didn't seem to have the charm to carry the torch and the incident at Chappaquiddick was something no one was quick to forget. Quite honestly I've never forgiven him for his cowardly actions.

I shared some of his politics, 'some' being the keyword, and I always desired to one day sit and sip some bourbon with him while picking the brain of the last high profile liberal of that era. It was once thought the ideology of RFK would reign true one day, but Ted's passing reminds us that the wave of social concious broke long ago and has slowly crested since Carter.

"A good Senator, but a bad date." - Denis Leary


Mattbear said...

He should have gone to prison, not been re-elected. He represents to me the frequent abuse of wealth and power, and the political machines that really run this country without input from the people.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I disagree wholeheartedly that he should've gone to prison. While his driving off the bridge certainly killed that woman, she's just as much at fault for getting into a car with a drunk man. Anyone who gets into a car with someone who is drunk is being reckless. Furthermore, there's no way that an "air bubble" would have saved that woman. Show me a single car accident where someone has lived for hours because of an "air bubble" and I'll sell ya a bridge in Arizona. Not gonna happen. Lastly, drunk driving was not the evil in 1969 that it is today. Crazy as it sounds, it happened with great frequency. -Lord Gregor

Anonymous said...

I don't believe in career politicians.