Aug 28, 2009

Random thoughts with Wiwille

It's a Friday and I can't think of just one topic to write about, so here are a few events and observations that happened this week.

- I've been practicing my guitar as much as I can, but my fingers really hurt pressing those strings down. I now understood what Bryan Adams meant when he wrote 'Summer of 69'.

As I told a friend of mine the pain associated with strumming the instrument he then broke out into those lyrics.

"Played it till my fingers bled..."

- The website People of WalMart, which sadly seems to be shut down at the moment, has been passed around more than your mom. While most people think it's hilarious, which I admit it is, it still me horrifying memories of working in an one hour photo lab for them and viewing the pics of folks like those displayed. Just try to imagine the people on that website dropping off pics so foul. Now multiply that by a thousand a week. This is why I'll never be whole.

- There's a guy at the gym who's a very friendly chap who works out there fairly regularly. He's short with curly hair and is fighting the battle of his protruding beer gut, but his personality makes up for his physical shortcomings. Always chatty and making friends with everyone he's just so affable you can't help but like him.

Yesterday he was on the elliptical trainer and I got on the one next to him. I put on my headphones, started the workout, and watched Cash Cab. The gent started shouting out words in German. I looked over at him, but he ignored me as he continued sounding out the language.

After the workout was done I asked him why he was interested in sharing his knowledge of kraut speak with everyone in the gym. He stated he has an online girlfriend in Germany who's coming out to see him and he was listening to tapes to help him speak to her in her native tongue.

Kind of weird having a girl he met on the internet from overseas, but I thought his attempt at learning to converse with her was pretty cool.

- I had a dream I was in Vienna and Rolfe from 'The Sound of Music' walked up to me wearing his brown shirt uniform. We started talking and he said a quote directly from the movie.

"Some people think we ought to be German and they're very angry with those who don't think so."

I told him if the Third Reich annexes Austria that doom would befall the nation and ranted about my negative feelings for the Fuhrer. He did not take this well and attempted a double leg take down. I sprawled and got him in a choke hold. As I was depriving him of oxygen I told him I was going to marry Liesel and in no way was she going to be fucking a Nazi. Before he passed out I let him go and he ran off crying.

- I had a meeting with a coworker who I don't normally interact with. She sat at my cube and looked at the pictures of my nephews and little Maddi. We've talked about kids before and then she looked at me blankly for a while.

"So you really seem to like kids. Why don't you have any of your own?"

I turned towards my monitor and told her that was a good question.

"All love shifts and changes. I don't know if you can be wholeheartedly in love all the time." - Julie Andrews


JLee said...

I know what you mean about the fingers. Mine hurt so bad when I get on a kick of playing. Interesting quote from Julie Andrews. Sad but true. I was commenting yesterday that I've been to 3 weddings I can think of offhand in recent years that have since ended in divorce.

wigsf said...

What happened to Bryan Adams? He used to rock.

Kelli said...

You have to most interesting dreams.

Miss Ash said...

Aww the guy at the gym sounds like he'd be a really nice person and genuine. I gotta find me one of those!