Sep 28, 2009

Conversations with Corey

"We're cynic-romantics," I told him. "We're destined to die alone."

"That's right," Corey said. "We should make a movie based on that."

"It's been done," I said.


"Yeah. It's called Casablanca."

"Oh," he said quizzically. I doubt he's ever seen it and for that I've failed him as a friend. "We should make an updated version."

"Not a bad idea."

We were discussing women and the reason(s) we've never been married. As usual it ran the gamut of things (girls are crazy, we haven't found 'the one', we're afraid of getting hurt) and it turned depressing. He was telling me about a recent breakup of a relationship that never really got off the ground. They knew each other for a while, but circumstances didn't allow them to date. Finally she started grad school and seeing each other was an option, but they saw their time together dwindle to almost nothing. Living in different cities and the responsibilities of work and her education left little for them to share. The split was mutually agreed upon, but both seemed open to the idea of getting back together should time allot.

I told my friend that there are few times in life we come across girls we really like and given his history he should fight for her. It was the first girl he had in his life who I met that seemed really good for him. We discussed the logistics and he agreed that she may in fact be worth the effort. Still it was an outsider's perspective and I know little about what goes on between the lives of others. The duality of my personality gives my wisdom, or lack thereof, an erratic nature.

I watched him leave I thought about the conversation that transpired and hoped my advice was helpful, but couldn't help but wonder that maybe I should start practicing what I preached. I stood on my porch and watched the planes take off from Sea-Tac that night and couldn't help but think that I should be on one right now. Maybe I should've taken flight months ago and did exactly as I advised my friend to do.

I entered my apartment curious to what future lay before me and laid my head to rest. I doubt she thinks of me all that much anyways, if at all.

"Most people would rather stay home and watch Casablanca for the fourth time or the 10th time on Turner Classic Movies than go see Matrix 12 or whatever the hell the flavor of the month is." - Joseph Bologna


wigsf said...

If Casablanca got remade, it would totally suck ass.
The job would go to some douchebag like Kevin Smith and then it would be completely void of any quality. Do we really need to see Ben Affleck starring in Casablanca? I don't think so.

grace said...

I love Casablanca! Such a good movie...

I always look back and think about how my decisions affect my life on the long-run. I often regret my choices. I guess the key is to ensure that you're never left thinking: "what if".

Miss Ash said...

I find it far easier to give advice than to actually follow my own advice. Perhaps an email would suffice???

Kelli said...

You should never let logic stand in the way of what you really want... or you will never have anything. Get on the plane.