Sep 1, 2009

Wiwille has a maid.

Those who know me understand I'm not the best of house keepers. Sometimes I feel like I'd rather burn down my place and rebuild from scratch rather than clean it, but that's because I like swinging hammers and lighting things on fire while doing my best Beavis impression.

Still my bathroom was in a state that was unfit for human use and comments were thrown my way by all who dared set foot in it without a hazmat suit. My roommate's ex-girlfriend's daughter (say that three times fast) considered the area to be 'gross' and offered her services to clean for a fee.

She's a young one with a hard work ethic so it seemed only right to have her earn some money. Her mom and her stopped by on Sunday and gave the kitchen, living room, and bathrooms a good scrub. Amazingly enough they did not require a pressure washer. I was informed that most of my bathroom items were placed in my medicine cabinet. I had no idea I had one. The mirror is off to the right and almost flush with the wall and I never thought to grab it to see if anything was behind it.

I've been living there for over a year.

After seeing the results I've decided that even if the place needs it or not I'm hiring her again each month. As many who've seen the bathroom before hand commented, I think I got a great deal.

"I grew up with six brothers. That's how I learned to dance - waiting for the bathroom." - Bob Hope


Miss Ash said...

I'm sure you're guests will be extremely happy with your decision...noone wants to use a nasty toilet!!

JLee said...

I'm laughing that you didn't even know there was a medicine cabinet! lol I didn't think men had the ability to clean a bathroom. It's like a Yeti, you hear of them, but I've never seen it with my own two eyes. ha