Sep 10, 2009

Thursday Music

Last night I was trying to think of the most divisive band that I was aware of. Now there are many that people just love or hate, but I rarely think of one that people seem split down the middle about.

Then it came to me. The Canadian trio known as Rush seems to spark emotions of praise and disgust by equal amounts of music fans. While their musicianship cannot be denied, especially the percussion, the vocals of their lead seems to be grating to many. Plus the lyrics can leave a lot to be desired.

All that said I find myself lacking passion for this band for the most part, but when I hear songs like the one below I want to kill myself:

“If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.” - Neil Peart


wigsf said...

"Jack, relax, get busy with the facts..."

I agree. And even within my own soul, I'm divided over Rush. Some of their stuff I absolutely love.
Then there are songs liks Roll the Bones. Honestly, what the fuck is up with that rap part???

I used to have this t-shirt. The front of the t-shirt had the album cover for Roll the Bones. On the back, the rap part was written down.

Mattbear said...

If someone were to, say, stab Geddy Lee repeatedly and bury him in a shallow grave, and Rush got someone whoe could actually sing, then Rush wouldn't be half bad.

Currently, though, I change the station any time I hear his loathesome screeching.

Miss Ash said...

Big thumbs down ..... I'm not a fan whatsoever.

JLee said...

I think I was a fan in high school, but now..not so much.

Big Ben said...

I'm not one of the typical Canadians who love Rush, but they have a few songs that I really like, I am neither passionate in my love or disgust for them.