Sep 7, 2009


Our secret Kenyan Muslim anti-Christ is now one step forward in indoctrinating our children towards Stalin-esque principles by addressing them in their classrooms and embedding in their minds the evil idea of working hard and staying in school. Parents the country over are tired of such commie ideals and are insisting their precious little snowflakes do not listen to Che's prodigal son.

Seriously parents are you stupid? No really. Turn off the Blue Collar Comedy Tour and take a good long look in the mirror and ask yourself why you felt it necessary to forward that email that calls for a boycott. Were you afraid that your child was going to be a single payer health care advocate after the speech? Do you think your parenting was under minded when George Bush the 1st addressed the nation's children asking them to not take drugs? Was it over the line for Reagan to ask kids attending public schools to listen to his announcements of the Challenger tragedy?

You're so dumb I think it's sad you breed. I'm not kidding. I can understand not liking the President nor the curriculum, but to make your child an example of your hatred of our current Commander in Chief is just sad. I listen to you complain about how you want your country back, although you can't tell me where it's gone nor give an example of how you lost it. Still it's your own damn fault Obama became elected. Yes you. You failed to fight for your candidate, because you made excuses like 'I don't have the time' while you sit for hours playing Bejewled as your lovely child ate thumbtacks. You have the time and you know it.

And for the love of all that is holy and good don't give me that line of 'you're not a parent. You don't understand,' when you can't come up with a logical reason for your irrational behavior. I don't have access to nuclear weapons, but I can make an informed opinion of their appropriate use and expect those with codes to such highly dangerous devices to act responsibly.

I saw nothing in Obama's original draft that would indicate anything regarding public policy, but what's funny is how you decry socialism as the ultimate evil to your kids while at the same time actively endorsing it. Do you inform your children to not call the police or fire department when in trouble, because it's a matter best handled by the private sector? And if you hate government run industries so much why is your child in a public school anyways?

Again I can understand not liking the President and/or his policies, but reason must come into play at some point. He simply wanted the children of the nation to hear a message regarding hard work and education, something you are too damn stupid to understand. As Joe Scarborough (of all people) best put it, go ahead with this nonsense. You're only hurting yourselves and your party.

"I've been watching politics for a long time and this is, this one is really over the top. What it shows you is there are a lot of cynical people who try to fan controversy and let's face it, in a country of three hundred million people there are a lot of stupid people too, because if you believe that's it's somehow unhealthy for kids for the President to say work hard and stay in school, you're stupid. In fact, I'm worried for some of those kids, I'm worried for some of those kids of those parents who are upset. I'm not sure they're smart enough to raise those kids." - John Harwood


JLee said...

Well said...

Anonymous said...

I think the Democrats are just getting what they dished out to Republicans about Bush for 8 years.

Claire said...

Oh my. That's a little unnerving.


Miss Ash said...

I didn't see the speech though I have heard there is some hullabaloo regarding education or something along those lines. I'll have to see what all the fuss is about.