May 17, 2010


Now that I'm participating in grown up activities and planning for the future of my family I find myself nervous regarding the education and safety of my yet to be conceived offspring. Maybe it's a paternal instinct, but I've been researching schools and other institutions that will affect my childrens' upbringing. Now that I live in Texas I'm very scared about how they may be raised.

In Washington most residents had certain stereotypes about politics in Texas. Looked upon as a bunch of crazy evangelicals who believe that Christ rode dinosaurs, Darwin was a wife swapping atheist, and the slave trade wasn't really that harmful to Africans, Northwesterners often looked upon Texas as another world.

Now that I reside in the reddest of red states I find many people who actually fit that stereotype. Case in point is Cynthia Dunbar. A local lawyer who claims to be an evangelical and member of the Texas state school board, it is her mission to bring God and guns to the public schools. Believing the separation of church and state is a myth and the founding fathers were the moral equivalent of the writers of the gospel, Dunbar wants our children to think that McCarthy and all his crazy tactics was justified to use unsworn testimony in dragging peoples' name through the mud.

It gets worse.

The slave trade would be referred to as the "Atlantic triangular trade." The idea that America was anything less than a Christian nation founded upon biblical principles, slavery was just a minor moral offense, and George Wallace was as important as Dr Martin Luther King Jr, are all to be promoted in Texas public schools if this lawyer has her way.

I can understand people not wanting to remember the dark areas of our history and often many make excuses, or lies, about many important figures. Still I would rather have my kids learn the lessons of our past rather than have them repeat it.

In Washington conservatives send their children to private schools to get them away from what they call 'libtards'. In Texas I may have to home school to keep them away from fanatics.

"The only accurate method of ascertaining the intent of the founding fathers at the time of our government's inception comes from a biblical worldview. We as a nation were intended by God to be a light set on a hill to serve as a beacon of hope and Christian charity to a lost and dying world." - Cynthia Dunbar

Texas schools board rewrites US history with lessons promoting God and guns


wigsf said...

Could be worse. Could be Utah.

Miss Ash said...

Clearly homeschooling is the ONLY answer! Eek! Perhaps you should head on outta there asap!!

Anonymous said...

You think you are worried now about school - just wait till you sign them up for Kindergarten. I'm so freaked that I am taking the homeschooling course in the fall so I can supplement M's education b/c I have no faith in the school system actually teaching her anything. SD