May 14, 2010


I did the unthinkable recently. I deleted my MySpace account.

I know MySpace is so 2006, but I notice there were a few who still used the social networking site for reasons I can't explain. What's weird is how long I decided to use it. I sort of felt obligated to keep the account live and I'm not sure why. Perhaps it's because I wanted to have some way to keep in touch with people that I haven't spoken to in years, just in case I somehow needed to converse with them at some point.

What's amazing is I never liked MySpace. Sure at first it was interesting, but after a while going to someone's profile was a chore. When the site decided to allow people to customize their profiles I was excited by the idea since it could bring out my visually creative side, but the afterbirth wasn't worth it. Often I would open someone's page to find my browser hung, waiting for the privilege to see someone's content, only to find annoying colors, graphics that were an eyesore at best, and be blasted with music that's not fit for man nor beast.

So after too long a period of inactivity I let go of MySpace, but it had a hard time letting me leave. Like a scorned lover it kept asking me to go through numerous prompts trying to make sure I want to get rid of the outdated social networking site and even asked for an explanation. It was a long breakup, but one I felt good about doing.

I wonder if it'll feel that good getting rid of Facebook....

"The only true privacy is not to post anything on a social network that you wouldn’t want the world to see....We can blame Mark Zuckerberg all we like for killing privacy, but the truth is all he’s doing is giving us the rope with which to hang it ourselves." - Paul Carr


wigsf said...

what's myspace?

Anonymous said...

get ride of Facebook..? :O oh no! lol