May 23, 2010

It's over.

If you haven't seen the last episode of Lost and don't want to read any spoilers do us all a favor and close this browser immediately and go about your life. It takes much less effort than writing a comment on this blog about how I should die in a fire.

It took me a while to watch an episode of Lost. I had little interest as the promos didn't look compelling and most fans of the show that I associate with could hardly give a reason other than 'you gotta see it'. Finally when Netflix decided to stream it I thought I'd give at least one episode a shot.

From then I was hooked. I watched seasons back to back to the point when people would call, text, or IM their greeting would always follow with: "You watching Lost?"

When the final credits rolled for the last episode I could hear the cries of many fans cruelly cursing the cast and the creators. When you have a show that's given so many a serious mind-fuck viewers wanted the entire timeline mapped out for them. It didn't happen and for that I loved it.

Yes I loved the ending. It was a great send off to a well crafted show that allowed it's audience to think as well as be entertained. I'll miss it.

“He said he had a show he wanted to put on the air about the survivors of a plane crash and would I please help him do it, ... I thought, 'How is that a show?' And then I thought if I were to do this it would be far too weird and borderline sci-fi and he'd never want to do it. But his response was no, I love that idea.” - J.J. Abrams


wigsf said...

SO what was it? A dog's dream or something?

Miss Ash said...

I liked the end too! They gave us enough I think though you know the masses will be complaining! I just wanted to know the man in blacks bloody name!

JLee said...

I was kind of disappointed myself, simply because the entire duration of the show (all seasons) my husband and I were like "they're dead" ha