Oct 4, 2010

Celebrate good times.

I sat there with my sinuses aching ready to hammer a turkey baster into my nose. I was beat tired from running errands and spending a long day preparing, but I could not take time to rest for it was time for me to entertain. I needed strong drink.

The wedding reception went off surprisingly well. Many folks showed up to partake in good food and delicious cake. Some I've known for a while and some I've met for the first time. The extended family appeared with open arms and warm greetings. All seemed very nice and none of them gave me the sense that they listen to 'Goodbye Horses' each morning as they throw hand lotion into a well. A sigh of relief came over me as I know there's no one in the place that I fear having my yet to be conceived children sit on their lap.

Kelly's father brought cigars, which were welcome after an evening spent making small talk. I puffed on mine and pondered the evening's events, from speeches made to food consumed to debating with a four year old on who the coolest Star Wars character is. It was a good night, but I missed my old friends and family from the Northwest. After the majority of them spending a year's savings flying out to the Bahamas for our nuptials I didn't expect, nor blame them for not coming to Texas for an evening.

The night ended with cleaning and packing up all the goods. Kelly and I have lots of wedding cake, ham, and a pony keg of Heineken to consume before it all goes bad. We opened our gifts and were overwhelmed with the generosity so many have bestowed. It truly was a good evening.

"A journey is like marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it." - John Steinbeck


Mattbear said...

We miss you too.

Also, if neither you nor the four year old said "Darth Vader," you're both wrong.

Miss Ash said...

Mmmm what kind of cake did you have? I had nooooo idea that fruit cake was the norm until my sister got married! I wouldn't have fruit cake, I'd have something yummy!