Oct 28, 2010

Thursday Music

As everyone of my generation I loved cartoons as a kid. Every day I came home from school KPTV played the GI Joe/Transformers hour which was normally the highlight of my television watching. My father and I were big Looney Tunes fans and I'd watch them every chance I got. As I got older I enjoyed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and various others that were nothing more than toy commercials.

My father was a huge fan of Uncle Scrooge comic books when he was a lad. These stories were normally centered around the rich Scrooge McDuck taking his nephews around the globe in search for more ancient wealth. My dad kept these stories and my sister and I read them as children. They were normally based around ancient myths, such as lost cities of gold, Atlantis, the fountain of youth, etc. They were great tales of adventure and I loved them.

Disney then produced Duck Tales, which were all based on the old comics and I loved the series. It lasted quite a while given that most cartoons back were broadcasted for maybe two seasons. What I really liked about the show was the theme song was really cool, for a kid at least. Most of those theme songs were really cool for that matter.

So today I bring you a creative fella who used his talents to perform 28 cartoon theme songs in seven minutes. Join with me a journey down memory lane:

"I don't think cartoons are only for kids, but I think kids will love anything as long as it's visually interesting." - John Kricfalusi

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Miss Ash said...

Love it!!!

I've never even heard of Rag Dolls but that was hilarious, and I LOVED Dr. Snuggles!!!