Oct 18, 2010


Last Friday I rode public transportation here in Dallas, otherwise known as the Dart train, to travel to the state fair. It was a cheap and efficient way to travel as we didn't have to fight traffic nor pay out the nose for parking. Since I mentioned this on my blog you know we couldn't have arrived without incident.

Jackie and Kelly were sitting in front of me holding Jackie's wee one behind the doors. A homeless man was standing in the doorway minding his own business when a couple of young punks entered. They had all the look of thugs complete with pants that went down to their knees, a fashion trend that will not die for whatever reason. The youngest, who may have been all of fourteen, held out a lighter and started flicking it. He started lighting it around the homeless man's long beard and messing with him.

To be expected the homeless man didn't take this well and shoved the young gent. The older of the two got angry and started talking through his braces about how he was going to kill the man if he pushed his brother again. In thug fashion he described his hypothetical violent outburst until the guy decided to dissolve the situation by moving to the front of the train leaving the thugs to belittle him even more.

The punks went on about how they would attack the man and give him what for. A dude behind me was laughing about the whole thing encouraging the disrespect. The girls were freak out by the incident, but I was angry at myself for not doing anything. Sure it may have ended up with me getting stabbed or shot, but I couldn't help but think that these two punks needed a lesson taught in manners. Picking on an old homeless person is low, but I guess survival instinct got the best of me as it was reminded to me that intervening would have ended very badly.

I wish the worst for both of those punks.

"I was planning on my future as a homeless person. I had a really good spot picked out." - Larry David


wigsf said...

As much a great concept peace can be, it's just that, a concept. The fact remains the guy with the biggest gun still calls the shots.

Kelli said...

People suck.