Oct 20, 2010

I don't get it.

I enjoy sports. No I'm not a fanatic, but I love sitting down with friends watching a good competition whether it be football, UFC, or even hockey. It's a fun way to pass the time, but I'm not hardcore about it as some would argue. I don't care whether my favorite team wins or not, as long as they play a good game. I want to see quality competition, but other sport fans think otherwise.

When observing other sports fans I notice a large discrepancy between them and myself. Below are but a few things you'll find common amongst enthusiasts:

1. They'd rather see their favorite team dominate their opponent than watch a game where equals meet on the field. This confuses me, but may explain why college football is so popular. I'd rather see my favorite team lose by a few points than having them win by a large margin. I hate seeing sloppy play by spoiled celebrities.

2. Sports fans insist you root for your home team. Why? What if your local sport team sucked? Why should I sit there and consume a poor product simply because it's local? I'm not saying they have to win all the time, but I at least want them to preform to a standard I expect. I don't go to a bad restaurant simply because the owners live in my town, nor will I listen to a shitty band because they're based in my area.

3. When a fan of a team that has beaten yours discusses the game with you they always say 'We beat you.' It's as if that person felt they had something to do with that particular outcome.

4. Hardcore sports fans think there's a difference between their fandom and those who enjoy comic books, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, etc. You're all geeks. Accept it and be happy.

5. As noticed with the recent scandal involving Tiger Woods and Brett Farve, fans are disappointed to see them have character flaws. It's as if they're shocked rich famous men may try to sleep with everything they see. I don't admire these people as human beings, I admire them as athletes. I'm sure if we found out the details of many of our celebrities, or even have a chance to meet the pampered lot, we'd hate them with every fiber of our being, but none of us should be surprised that these folk feel their lives are without consequence. All of their whims are catered to and they'll act accordingly.

6. Some truly believe they can coach better than the professionals. Yeah. Playing Madden doesn't make you an expert pal.

"When your arm gets hit, the ball is not going to go where you want it to." - John Madden


wigsf3 said...

My favourite sports fan idiocy is when fans refer's to their favourite team as "we" and not "them."

Miss Ash said...

I too don't understand the whole "go for your home team" mentality.....