Oct 26, 2010


Project Prevention is a charity that attempts to help the needy. Their methods include giving $300 to drug addicts to go through sterilization or long term birth control. This has been met with some success in the US and now Barbara Harris, the woman who leads the charity, is taking her philanthropy to the UK.

This has been met with controversy of course, but I ask you is Project Prevention doing a good thing? Is this an appropriate method to keep addicts from giving birth to children who they're not able to take care of or is this some twisted form of eugenics?

I'm actually torn about this. Most addicts are completely out of their gourd and will do anything for a quick buck including giving up their reproductive ability. Then again if they clean up and change their lives and want a family they can always adopt. Sure I may be biased when it comes to adoption, but it's a good alternative as many children need a good home. If these drug addicts stop having children the state may save loads of money and society in turn benefits.

It's hard to argue that drug addicts should have children, but should we coerce them to put an end to breeding with cash that'll probably be spent for their next hit?

"If I had enough money, there wouldn't be any pregnancies for drug addicts." - Barbara Harris

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Kelli said...

OH MY GOSH! I hadn't heard of this until just now. I'm taking a human variation class where all we discussed for 3 weeks was the Eugenics Movement. This woman would fit right in with folks that made the movement possible.

This is not a "twisted form of eugenics", it's the real deal. No hiding, no sugar-coating. Believing that one person is not "good enough" because they are not like you... it's wrong.

This woman's heart is in the right place but, she is not looking at the big picture. She is stripping these folks of a right given to them by nature. Not all drug addicts are lifers. Like you said, they could clean up their acts and want a family some day. Adoption isn't always an option. It's expensive and because of their past-- probably not possible.

I'm completely enraged by this woman's efforts. I shall step of my soapbox now and go about my day.