Oct 11, 2010


I've met many a football fan here in Dallas and as no surprise I still have yet to come across anyone who doesn't claim loyalty to the Cowboys. Unlike my fair weather fans back home people down here treat their beloved NFL team as a religion. Football is very serious business in the state of Texas as it is the land of Friday Night Lights.

In talking to sports fans in the Dallas area I find a lot of differences between them and those who love their Seahawks. A few of them are:

Cowboy fans get upset when they see a poorly stacked defense against an 'I' formation.
Seahawk fans don't what a play-action or a 3-4 defense is.

Cowboy fans love their long history of great football.
Seahawk fans don't remember who Steve Largent was.

Cowboy fans enjoy the schematics of a great defensive game.
Seahawk fans would rather see an entire game consist of their opponent getting a bunch of false starts rather than see real action on the field.

Cowboy fans are hospitable to their opponents and can admit defeat.
Seahawk fans blame everyone for their loss besides the actions of their players and coaches.

Cowboy fans enjoy great BBQ with friends during a game.
Seahawk fans have little understanding of how to properly grill a burger.

Cowboy fans recall the days of Tom Landry and Roger Staubach fondly.
Seahawk fans are still bitter about Brian Bosworth.

Cowboy fans find it unfair that people around the NFL hate them for the branding of America's team.
Seahawk fans are upset people often forget their team exists.

While I'm a fan of neither team I find football culture in Texas to have a far more passionate fan base than what I'm used to in the Northwest. Granted it's hard to get people in Seattle passionate about anything.

"Today, you have 100% of your life left." - Tom Landry


wigsf said...

I once happened to be in Michigan on the day of a game between Michigan and Michigan State.
I've never seen the roads completely empty on a Saturday afternoon anywhere ever, but on that day, I saw it and was shocked. It was as though the entire state stopped for the duration of a single college football game.

Mattbear said...

You contradict yourself here. You say Seahawks fans don't remember their team history (bringing up Largent) and then accuse them of being hung up on the whole Bosworth thing.

I remember both, and I'm not even a Seahawks fan - or give a shit about football in general, for that matter.

Miss Ash said...