Oct 29, 2010

A rare moment.

The tabloid site Gawker has released an anonymous story concerning a failed attempt at a one night stand with Christine O'Donnell. When I say failed I mean the guy saw that modern personal grooming wasn't her forte and completely lost interest in going any further with the conservative candidate.

Now it should be of no surprise to anyone that I'm not of fan of O'Donnell's politics or personal beliefs, but I find this story to be disgusting. First off we have no idea if it's true, but I'm kind of willing to bet it is. I don't know many men admitting that they didn't sleep with a girl, but then again it's anonymous so who knows. If a guy is truly against intercourse with a woman who won't make her nether regions to resemble a six year old girl I have to call into question his status of having a gotcha interview with Chris Hanson.

Fact or fiction it's really low to publicly talk about someone's sex life without their consent. Sure if it is true a lot of you will balk at her hypocrisy, but it's not like she'll be voting on one night stands on the House floor. Politics be damned their personal moments should remain just that, personal. Sure she's made her views on sexual matters public, but we should not judge her based on an anonymous email made to a tabloidish website. Her record speaks for herself and one should already have their mind made up whether she's competent to hold the seat she's running for.

Yes I'm in the rare position of defending Christine O'Donnell, or even siding with NOW's statement on the matter. Oddly I feel the need to shower with Clorox.

"And I'm asking for your support because I want to defend America, as I've said before, from becoming a socialist nation." - Christine O'Donnell

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Miss Ash said...

Oh my! Totally ridiculous story true or not and awful that this "man" (I use the term loosley) would stoop so low. I'm not a fan of people airing sexual stories.....

Your bit about Chris Hanson made me laugh out loud :)