Mar 21, 2011

Bam Bam Bigelow approves.

By now everyone's seen the Casey Heynes video, but for those unfamiliar the now viral video depicts a chunky kid being punched numerous times by some skinny bully while being encouraged by onlookers. Casey decided he had enough of the pint size attacker and quickly picked up the boy and slammed him to the ground. The scrawny boy stumbled about in a dazed fashion and has now become famous for getting his ass handed to him, something he'll be reminded of forever.


It's of no surprise that I'm glad this video went viral. It does teach an important lesson to all kids being picked on that bullies, for the most part, can't fight. If kids would stand up for themselves bullying would decrease by a huge margin. Granted I'm not naive. Some kids will face taunts in all kinds of manners, physical and otherwise.

Although I'm not a parent yet, I wonder sometimes how I'll handle my kid being bullied, but I never really gave much thought as to what I would do if my child was the one doing the taunting. After seeing this video it's safe to say if I find them involved in such activity I will march them to the victim's house and make them apologize, take everything even remotely interesting to them and put it in the attic, and have them spend their weekends volunteering at rest homes as they feed old people who smell like feet wrapped in bacon.

After seeing an interview with Casey it seems like he's a level headed kid who's humble about his internet fame. Bravo to you Casey!

"Look for the good days, keep your chin up and school ain’t going to last forever.” - Casey Heynes

Emotional Interview With ‘The Boy Who Stood Up To A Bully’ Casey Heynes

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Kelli said...

Nate was bullied by our old sucktastic neighbor children. Needless to say, when I confronted the Mom about her children's horrific behavior... she did absolutely nothing. This, unfortunately, is a trend among parents. They turn a blind eye when it comes to their kids and bad behavior. I'm glad that skinny little twit got body slammed like a cheap pinata. What I wonder though, what is the consequence for those who stood by and watched all this happen? Sometimes viewing an act and not stopping it is just as bad as the act itself.