Mar 7, 2011

Conversations with Corey

Corey: William Shatner will be in Seattle on Saturday at a comicon. I can get my picture taken with him for $75! I need to find a way to make this happen!

Wiwille: I'm sure it can happen quite easily
Show up
Bring $75

Corey: I have to work...

Wiwille: oh
well this may prove problematic

Corey: Indeed...and calling out sick will not be an option as I have spoken quite loudly about him being here and how it sucks I have to work. This does not please me.

Wiwille: Do you have an evil twin who can come in to work for you?

Corey: Man...I wish I did. That would be so handy!

Wiwille: Could you switch with someone?

Corey: That is what I'm trying to work now...I will keep you posted.

Wiwille: good luck!

Corey: Thank you kind sir! I got someone to cover...I gonna meet the shat! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it.

Wiwille: That is kinda awesome that you're doing this I mean really he's the shat and there are few men cooler than he

Corey: right...and really...we are running out of time with this guy. Sure we didn't get to play paintball with him...but getting his autograph and pic with me is gonna be awesome. I wonder if he will be open to signing as Denny Crane! Wish you were here to go with me dude...that would be sweet.

Wiwille: I would make him write 'KAAAAAHHHHNNNNN'
you m
ust send me a copy of said pic

Corey: Oh I will my friend...I will. I wonder if it will work to pick up women....never know until I try. " you doing...this is me and Shatner...yeah...we are buds."

Wiwille: if a woman turns you down, then she's a lesbian
besides, you don't want to sleep with a woman who doesn't appreciate how awesome shatner is

Corey: Valid point my friend...valid point!

Wiwille: the wife asks that you ask Shatner to stop doing the Priceline commercials

Corey: Ha...I will, but only after the picture is taken and he signs the pic. Then I will bring it up. Maybe he will kick me in the balls. That would rule.!

Wiwille: I would pay good money to have him attack me
granted, I may draw the line at sexual assault
so my post on FB today is as follows:
So my best friend is going to some comic book convention to get a pic and autograph from the William Shatner. Yes I said 'the William Shatner.' Yes I am jealous of this fact.

Corey: Awesome!

Wiwille: it seems a lot of people are jealous of your adventure

Corey: It's the Shat! They should be. I'm going to dress in a suit and tie...and ask him to sign it as "Denny Crane loves you" and then William Shatner. I hope he is open to such things. He may tell me to F*#$ off.... which would also rule.

Wiwille: I don't think he can do anything and not make it awesome
the guy could workout to Sweatin to the Oldies and I'd still think he's cool

Corey: indeed!

Corey did get to meet his hero, or make that our hero, the William Shatner. His journey took him to the Emerald City Comic-Con, a gathering of sorts for all things geekery. During his visit he would text me random thoughts and pics at the event, including the scantily clad females dressed as various fictional characters. Like Halloween, these conventions seem to bring out a woman's inner whore, especially when you consider that it's all kinds of cold in Seattle in early March.

Finally he approached the William Shatner. (Yes from now on I shall refer to him as 'the'.) Here's the text message:

Corey: ....he was cool though. When I walked up for my pic I put my hand on his back...and he was like "did they tell you not to touch me"...and I said "sorry"...and he smiled and said "it's cool". Nice guy...looks the 80 years old that he is though. Glad I did it now.It's enough to bring a tear to one's eye.

"But if you want to know the truth, the weirdest thing that has happened has been my discovery that people who attend the conventions are filled with love." - William Shatner


Claire said...

Awesome. I love the William Shatner.


JLee said...

I am jealous too! I would have sat on his lap ;)

Jessica said...

That is too cool! If Leonard Nimoy were there taking photos I totally would have gone too! I can't help it, I have a thing for Vulcans....

Kelli said...

Way cool! By-the-way, I like your blog's new look.

Miss Ash said...

I think i'm the oddball around here...Shatner doesn't do it for me. It's great that Corey was able to go though!

Anonymous said...

Awesome power!