Mar 9, 2011

Texan swine

I've written about Rep Leo Berman, State Representative for the Republic of Texas, before about his attempt to introduce a birther bill before the state legislature. He's obviously an intellectual simpleton with little knowledge of the Constitution, history, or even an eighth grader's grasp of simple civics.

After the birther nonsense died a quick death he decided his brand of crazy still needed representation and he's fullfilled his delusions recently with sponsoring a bill that would outline the voter's thoughts on secession. Oddly, the bill is non-binding and does nothing more than than to be a whine fest to be presented to the US Capitol. Even though the proposed bill reads like a stammering child crying about how the parents run the house, it tries to make the point that Berman and his ilk are tired of what they see as runaway spending. Oh and they don't like the White House being housed by minorities.

Okay they said nothing about the President's race.

Texas has a huge budget crisis due in part to members of Berman's party, including the thrice elected jackass Perry, handling state funds as if they were teenage girls at a mall with their parents' credit card. We are seeing huge deficits, cuts in education, massive layoffs, and Berman wants to waste tax payer money with this horse shit.

Texas has a big ego, there's no question. Because of it's inflated sense of worth the rest of the country, often unfairly, sees the Republic as the bastard uncle who boasts about accomplishments they had nothing to do with. Yes the place I've come to love and call home is the laughing stock of the United States and Berman doesn't help.

I'll go ahead and say that Texas is a great place to be and I've met some of the nicest people here. Berman and those fucktards fighting for this waste of resources are the minority of this huge state. The people of Tyler should be given a choice, throw out this numbskull or make your own state. Yes you can do that under the Texas constitution. Good luck trying to pay for basic services on your own you treasoness asshats. I know you hate having a black man in office who's far more competent than the previous President, but let it go. The people spoke and just because you don't like it doesn't mean you get to take your ball and go home. I know when you say you want your country back you really mean you want a white person in charge again. We get it. You hate America, democracy, and anything that may challenge your belief that Jesus rode dinosaurs into Jerusalem. What did you tell people who were disgusted with Bush being in office? Oh yeah they should pack up and leave. Hmm...

"We in the Texas Nationalist Movement believe that independence is necessary for the economic and cultural survival of the people of Texas. Even so, there is nothing more any of us would like to see than the United States government steer away from its current path of self-implosion and return to the original intent and purpose of government as defined by the U.S. Constitution." - Daniel Miller, Texas Nationalist Movement


Claire said...

Sweet badger of Thor, the things politicians come up with.


JLee said...

Oh geez...I hate it when people equate Texas to guys like this (which will happen of course)