Mar 31, 2011

Thursday Music

Even though I work closely with Indians (dot kind, not the small pox blankets kind) on a daily basis and live amongst many in my neighborhood I'm sadly largely illiterate when it comes to their culture. Most of my exposure to Indian life as a young lad came through Kipling books and watching the film Gandhi multiple times with my father.

The more I learn though, the more I'm fascinated with how Indians celebrate their heritage as well as their ordinary customs. One such holiday that always intrigued me was Holi, a spring religious festival where folks throw colored chalk and water at each other for reasons I'm still unclear about.

Unbeknownst to me America has the largest Holi celebration in the Western Hemisphere in none other than Salt Lake City, Utah. Yes you read that correctly. My friend Leif posted this video on Facebook, and while the festivities look all kinds of awesome I was equally entranced by the music. Film snobs may appreciate the masterful camera work, but I was enthralled by the editing as well. So today I bring you an Eastern celebration that doesn't seem to be bastardized by Western sensibilities, which is refreshing:

"I am always fascinated by India." - Gary Ackerman


Kelli said...

I love what Holi represents! It was a day where all castes mingle with one another-- now it's just a way to eliminate social gaps. Young, old, rich, poor it doesn't matter, they are all celebrating "good" defeating "bad" (or Spring defeating Winter).

I love that you blogged about this! It's so beautiful to watch!!

Miss Ash said...

Now I have a reason to visit Utah, who would have thunk! (I love saying thunk)!

Mattbear said...

Not bastardized by Western sensibilities? I'm pretty sure I see a whole mess of white people who have no idea what the holiday means, and are just there to throw colored stuff at people.