Jul 1, 2011

Flash mobs that I want to see.

When flash mobs became all the rage many became confused as to why the concept even came to fruition. I mean seriously, who was it that thought showing up at a public place and leading dozens in a choreographed dance would be such a big hit?

Many are entertained with spontaneous street performance, so I guess it's of little surprise that the intertubes are flooded with video evidence of flash mobs. What I'm shocked by is why we haven't seen more politically motivated dancers. I mean how cool would it be to get a group together to suddenly break into song and strut about to "It's Raining Men" at a Tea Party event? Should these motivated attention seekers entertain the masses at a Democratic primary with line dancing to Toby Keith? I, for one, would love to see a bunch of African Americans step in time to "Yankee Doodle Dandy" at a Confederacy celebration.

I guess we could take it a step further and ask a bunch of midg...err...short people to dress as Oompa Loompas and spontaneously dance to a tune reminding children of how not to turn into a giant blueberry. That would be awesome.

My life's goal will be to have a bunch of Indians (dot, not feather) do a Benny Lava flash mob in my neighborhood. I could die afterwards a happy man.

I better stop...

"Actors fall into this trap if they missed being loved for who they really were and not for what they could do - sing, dance, joke about - then they take that as love." - Gene Wilder


Caliban said...

How about a superhero flash mob outside of your work place?

wigsf3 said...

that's always classic

Claire said...

I've yet to do a flashmob - they look like fun!


Miss Ash said...

I love that video!!! Hilarious!!!

JLee said...

hahahah! love it. I can't tell if he was happy to see that woman or wanted to kill her. "superhero flash mob" LOL