Jul 5, 2011

I see London. I see France.

When one moves into suburbia they expect certain behaviors from their neighbors. As such, some things are to be assumed, whether you desire them or not. For example; we have someone on our street who I'm guessing feels morally opposed to mowing their lawn and would like their yard to resemble a rain forest. I reckon they feel grass has feelings and cutting them with a blade would ensure they never get into heaven.

My next door neighbor has a clothesline and has decided to utilize the hot Texas weather than use a dryer. Whether they really care about going green, saving on their utility bill, or preserving laundry methods from their home country is a mystery to me. I don't mind it being there as I applaud their efforts, but last night it became a nuisance.

I come home to find what seemed to be a pair of stained women's underwear lying in my back yard. It could be the husband's, but that's an image I refuse to have. Whatever force of wind blew said undergarments into my domain must be the product of Satan. My wife put on a glove and delivered the unmentionables back over their fence.

"Half the world does not know the joys of wearing cotton underwear." - Phil Gramm


wigsf3 said...

The key to hanging clothes to dry outside is only hang clothes that aren't offensive.
Underpants get hung up inside the house.

And if the underpants are still stained after being washed, WASH 'EM AGAIN!

Miss Ash said...

This made me laugh and cringe all at the same time! Question though, if they had been cute sexy underwear would it have been better?