Jul 18, 2011


We approached the Canadian border guard and I handed her six passports. She asked me questions regarding the nature of our journey into her country as well as if we had any weapons. I answered as best I could and after some indifferent attitude from her she handed us back our documents and let us be on our way.
I drove from the border straight to Niagara Falls, a sight I had yet to see. Given the time constraints we could only drive by and take a look at Horseshoe Falls and it's sister falls, but it was an impressive sight to behold. I'll make it a point to go back and take in the majesty of North America's most famous waterfall.
I continued the drive up to Toronto while a bit beat. We all had been travelling from Dallas since 5 that morning, which meant I was up at 1:30 am. I had a baseball game to go to that night, so my body was going to be up for over twenty four hours. After experiencing some miserable traffic we finally made it to the hotel. I quickly changed and Ronnie and I took a cab to Roger's stadium to meet with the groom and his buddies.
I don't care for baseball, but the game was a high scoring one that provided a few thrills. The Blue Jays trounced the Yankees, and it's always nice to watch them lose. After the game the boys and I went to a bar that served some fine beer. This made me happy. I drank more than my aching body should have, but I have no regrets.
Friday was a nice touristy day in Toronto, but Saturday was the real treat as I got all dressed in my tux to be a part of my brother in-law's wedding. I got into a limo with the groom and his fellow groomsmen and we were escorted to the Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church.
To be continued...


wigsf3 said...

Dude, you drove to Toronto? I live right next to Toronto and I don't want to drive there.

Miss Ash said...

It's like a circus down by the falls, they should have left it natural and not built up so much around it.