Jul 20, 2011

We now know.

Kelly laid down on the table, showed her belly to the tech, and prepared herself for the question that's been plauging us for months; what is the sex of our yet to be birthed child?

The tech rubbed Kelly's stomach with a device that looks like an old hand held document scanner. We watched the screen with baited breath. Tensions mounted as we eagerly awaited the news.

As the tech started describing the process she referred to the fetus as a 'he'. My heart skipped a few beats, but I was confident that was for lack of a better term. She continued scanning my wife's uterus hoping for a definite sign of what sex our baby is, but I noticed she was taking longer than expected. In my mind it was obviously a girl.

After what seemed like forever the tech confirmed my suspicion. We're having a little baby girl and I for one couldn't be more excited. It finally hit me, I'm going to be a father.

"A man is not complete until he has seen the baby he has made." - Sammy Davis, Jr.


wigsf3 said...

How much you make on the pool?

Miss Ash said...

Yay!!! Little girls are soooo cute!

PS that costume is hilarious!

JLee said...

That's when it becomes real, eh? :)
I am so excited for you!!!