Jul 8, 2011

Perry prays

Texas Governor Rick Perry is by all accounts a mindless, but charming politician who's indeed popular with conservatives in this state, for reasons that are obvious. He hates federal spending and claims Texas doesn't need it, except when it's hit with wildfires, or when we benefit from military bases, or guard our coast and Mexican border, or....you get the point.

Governor Perry is holding a Jesus rally in Houston soon, which he believes will help cure our nation's ills. Not that he would have more pressing matters to deal with, but really I care less how he would like people to pray.

One of the events official sponsors is interesting though. Pastor Wagner, a leading evangelical from Colorado, details an interesting story about how the holy spirit told his wife to gather their fellow Christians and burn heathen objects, such as statues of Catholic saints and the Book of Mormon. Below is a list of said idolatry as stated in his book, "Hard-Core Idolatry: Facing the Facts":

"They began mentioning the kinds of material things that might be bringing honor to the spirits of darkness; pictures, statues, Catholic saints, Books of Mormon, pictures of former lovers, pornographic material, fetishes, drugs, Ouija boards, zodiac charms, good luck symbols, crystals for healing, amulets, talismans, tarot cards, witch dolls, voodoo items, love potions, books of magic, totem poles, certain pieces of jewelry, objects of Freemasonry, horoscopes gargoyles, native art, foreign souvenirs, and what have you."

How does one burn a fetish? Where did they get the drugs? What actual evangelical Christian would even have any of these items in their home? Foreign souvenirs? I guess I need to tell the wife to burn that Bahamas fridge magnet as well as that evil totem pole.

Why is it that I have a hard time believing any of this happened?

This is the company that Rick Perry keeps. This is a man who may run for our highest office, because having only one crazy Republican in the race just isn't enough.

"There is hope for America ... and we will find it on our knees." - Rick Perry

The Response


Mattbear said...

Not sure, but I think you may be mistaking the meaning of fetish in that statement. Aside from sexual fixations, fetish also means an object that represents or takes the place of something else. A "voodoo doll", for instance, is a fetish.

Claire said...

Oh my. Resisting the urge to send lots of foreign souvenirs....


Pablo Gerber said...

Glad to see your blog survived the burn