Apr 9, 2006

Belated birthday, complete with plunger.

The Pretty Girl gave me the impression that we were having dinner with Brandon and Casey on Saturday night at the Claim Jumper. She kept talking about craving a meal from there and if Brandon and Casey, who live 2 1/2 hours a way, couldn't make it we could catch a movie at the Redmond Town Center.

We pull into the restaurant and she asked that I drop her off while I find parking. I told her if a table wasn't ready to find someplace at the bar. I walk into the place immediately heading into the bar and couldn't find her anywhere. I got back to the waiting area and see her who said she already had a table. This surprised me as the waiting area seemed pretty full.

We walked to the back and I saw a table filled with Paul, Joe, Megan, Noah, Shari, Corey, The Jiggaman, and Russ. I had no idea what was going on and was shocked to see The Jiggaman as he told me earlier that day that he was playing cards that evening.

The Pretty Girl announced that this was my belated birthday dinner as I spent mine in North Carolina at Shari and Noah's wedding. Everyone gave me a funny look as I probably had a puzzled face. We sat down where I received gifts and drank car bombs. Dinner was excellent as always and good times were had by all.

Elli and Friend (yes that's his given name) showed up with a jewel encrusted plunger. This was in honor of the time I almost destroyed her toilet. After spending hours with her plunger I gave up. I plugged it up so bad she had to call the apartment maintenance group and a guy with a huge snake tool finally got it functioning again.

Later that night we went to a dive bar and drank and listened to bad music. After I got home I laid my head on my pillow and realized that life has been great to me and I owe a lot of it to some of the people that were at that table.

Today I woke up late for 9am church so The Pretty Girl and I went to the 11am service. I've had little sleep this weekend as I was trying to live the life of a day person while I work graveyards through the week. I sat in church and started to nod off. I was prodded to stay awake, which proved difficult cause I wasn't sure where the pastor was going with a lot of his stories. I'm sure he noticed. Poor guy.

We had lunch later with Brandon and Casey, who couldn't make it to dinner last night. They brought the little one Wyatt which was a treat. I handed Brandon and Casey a learning toy which Brandon first remarked, "This looks really loud." Yeah I'm kind of evil that way.

Tonight I sit at work, sleep depraved as all hell, wondering how in God's name I'll make it through the night, but happy.

"You do live longer with bran, but you spend the last fifteen years on the toilet." - Alan King

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jinsane said...

Car Bombs? Nice!!!

You just shot up about 100 bonus points in my cool book!