Apr 21, 2006

I'm no doctor, but I would recommend against this.

People try to smuggle devices into places in very creative ways. Many stories are told about people smuggling drugs in various human cavities. Smugglers swallow condoms filled with smack and collecting the contents after it passes through the digestive system.

This story tops them all. A woman decides to smuggle a live 10x4 inch grenade, as well as some pot, into a jail in El Salvador. She was trying to accomplish this by hiding the items in her vagina.

Yes I know the female genatalia can pass a child, but still this can't be comfortable. I'm not a woman, but I would never put an explosive device near my genatils, much less in it. Perhaps I'm different.

"Police who inspected the M-67 grenade said it was in working condition." - AP.

Prison Visitor Allegedly Uses Vagina To Smuggle Live Grenade


jinsane said...

I think I have now heard it all!!! Sounds like a pretty dumb ass move to me, but who am I?

Did you hear the story of the cuban drug smugglers cutting open puppies and loading them with up to 20-30 pounds of coke? Talk about vicious! I hope they all rot!

Wiwille said...

Jinsane - into puppies? That is messed up beyond all belief.

jinsane said...

This isn't the story I was talking about, but read this one!!!