Apr 25, 2006

Call centers - outsourced. Technology - outsourced. Motherhood - outsourced.

Yes they've finally done it. They've outsourced surrogant mothers to India. Indian women are willing to carry your child for the low low price of $5000.

Forget the "save the jobs for the US" ideology. Aren't we going to get really tired of exploiting overseas markets? Are we so morally bankrupt that we have women carry our children for a discount price? Is five grande enough for the pain and time spent in childbirth? Wouldn't adoption be a better option than already contributing to the over populated planet? Am I just blowing this out of my ass?


"On jobs, Republicans have failed to pass a long-term highway bill, failed to end costly trade sanctions on U.S. goods, failed to enact tax cuts for U.S. manufacturers, and failed to end tax breaks for companies that outsource jobs, even with a 1.7 million private sector job deficit." - Sheila Jackson Lee

Growth industry: Surrogacy


Mattbear said...

People have been "outsourcing" the raising of their children with full-time nannies for centuries. Why not do the pregnancy part, too? Then you never have to experience the downside of being a parent.

PaBLo G said...

An administration that not only endorses outsourcing jobs (like the administration of our Ports) but also grants tax cuts to the companies that do this only helps broaden the disparity between socio-economical classes. Meaning: the erosion of the white american middle class, which happens to be the driving force of this great country. No jobs = less income in taxes per capita = more people joining the armed forces due to high level of unemployment. Need more soldiers but a draft would be politically suicidal? offshore jobs. In these times of "Global Trade" we need to strenghten our sense of "community" and instead of outsourcing to surrogant mothers, we should instead adopt American children. At least something should say "Made in the USA"

GeekManGreg said...

Well, since my partner and I are planning on having children, this might be a good thing. If we decide not to adopt, we could always use one of those outsourced uterises. Wow, there's something so incredibly wrong with that statement. By the way, how does one ship sperm? Via FedEx?