Apr 7, 2006

Playboy Indonesia, complete with no nudity.

MSNBC dons the headline "Playboy sparks excitement in Muslim Indonesia." The major news outlet failed to note that Playboy also sparks excitement in 13 year old boys hiding under the covers with a flashlight as well as in the bathrooms of amateur bloggers.

Indonesia has instituted pornography laws which clearly goes against the Playboy philosophy. In a clever turn the magazine decided to release a naked free issue to the most populous Muslim nation in the world. Militants in the area are threatening to use force if necessary to have the publication removed from news stands.

"According to our commitment, if they (Indonesian government) don't withdraw it then we will act in our own way, the forceful way. Our crew will clearly hound the editors ... We even oppose the name Playboy," said Tubagus Sidiq, a leader of a militant group.

What's interesting about the article is given the thriving black market sex industry in Indonesia the fanatics seem to hate Playboy more because of it's ties to the west, not because of any nipples.

What's even more interesting is how MSNBC goes out of their way to paint the Indonesian government as moderate. Given their foreign policy, especially with the US backed genocide displayed in East Timor and their small factions of ultra-conservative Islamic driven police force this seems absurd. Would MSNBC consider the Bush administration moderate?

While most of the countries Muslims practice a non violent form of Islam are they enough to stand up to the brutal groups that dominate the headlines in Asian media? Are peace loving Christians enough to stop the Republicans? Is it even fair to compare the two? Am I just blowing this out of my ass?

"Different or not, Playboy is Playboy. It is a porn magazine. Those are the words of the businessmen. The magazine will damage the morality of the nation." - Irfan Awas

Playboy sparks excitement in Muslim Indonesia

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