Apr 20, 2006

Blast from the past: Food edition.

If you've ever been to college, or been poor, or both, you probably remember eating ramen noodles. I ate it on a regular basis ever since high school. I remember my famous concoction of shrimp flavored ramen/tuna casserole. It was brilliant, or so I thought.

Most cheap ramen (is there expensive ramen?) has the texture of squid and flavor packets that contain so much salt you yearn for your cholesterol. Ramen is one of the few foods that has the distinct honor of causing malnutrition and indigestion at the same time. After a few months of eating the stuff you are dehydrated, skinny, but alive.

Once my income got better I tossed the 8 for a dollar meal aside slowly upgrading to a seemingly normal diet. I do sometimes miss the hard times spent in my teens to early twenties and how much more I enjoyed dining out on the infrequent basis. When you live on Hamburger Helper and ramen noodles Denny's becomes a delicase.

For all of you that once dined on the meal that's only nutritional fact was keeping you alive, barely, this taste test article of all that is ramen is for you.

"I had Ramen noodle soup today for the first time. On the plus side, it costs 5 cents per serving, which is amazingly cheap. On the down side, it contains more salt than the Atlantic Ocean. If shipwreck survivors in lifeboats drank Ramen noodle soup, they would go crazy and jump overboard." - Bill White

Revisiting ramen, an Asian staple but an American afterthought

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