Apr 11, 2006

Star Wars kid wins lawsuit.

Unless you're new to browsing you've probably seen the infamous Star Wars kid video. For those of you unfamiliar a 15 year old kid filmed himself having a geek moment. Holding a golf ball retriever the pudgy adolescent got lost in his own little world pretending he was a jedi swinging the retriever around with seemingly reckless abandon.

One of his schoolmates ran across the video and with a little computer work they added lightsaber effects and sound as well as music. This was distributed around the school and was then posted online. The video was so amusing it became a hit worldwide and the nerdy kid turned from unknown socially awkward teenager to internet celebrity.

The phenomenon raised by the video was huge. Web sites received numerous hits from people wanting to see the footage. I myself received many IM messages and emails from friends telling me that I must see it. The kid also saw himself characterized in a Tony Hawk video game. A petition led by Star Wars fans was created to have George Lucas cast the boy in Star Wars Episode III.

Now a lot of us have had our geek moments. Whether it be singing bad music in traffic or dressing in a ridiculous fashion for an upcoming sports event or sci-fi movie, many of us can relate, although we'd never admit we looked that ridiculous. I myself have swung a lightsaber toy in my day. As a 13 year old I brandished a toy gun pretending I was a Wolverine from the infamous communist hating film Red Dawn. Some of these moments we keep private cause with geek moments in sports it's acceptable, but the same does not hold true for sci-fi fans. The difference is while some of us may have been caught air guitaring to Metallica our nerdy displays have never become the object of worldwide ridicule.

While the pranksters may not have intended for this to be so huge the boy claims he experienced massive depression after his newfound celebrity. Everyone he knew teased him about the video; classmates, relatives, etc. He eventually dropped out of school claiming that everyone mocked him at every given moment.

His fame brought him angst and guaranteed he'd never have a prom date that wasn't his sister. For the rest of his life he'll carry that banner of being the Star Wars kid. Imagine trying to get a date with that credential. Close your eyes and picture him in his 30s working some job when all of a sudden a fellow employee outs his unintentional acting resume.

The guy sued the kids behind the distribution of the video, which was recently settled for an undisclosed sum.

I feel bad for the guy, but I still laughed when saw the video. I still do actually.

"There was about 100 people in those halls. It was total chaos . . . Any opportunity was good enough to shout 'Star Wars!' It was simply unbearable, totally. It was impossible to attend class." - Ghyslain Raza, Star Wars kid.

'Star Wars Kid' cuts a deal with his tormentors

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