Aug 14, 2007

Billy Ocean, Student Council Treasurer is back!

After a long hiatus the collaborative effort of Nhak, Willtuck, Mattbear, Zooloo, and myself is back in action feeding the blogsphere with tales of conspiracy theories, enviornmentalism, random conversations, and of course Scarlette. Yes Billy Ocean, Student Council Treasurer is active with recent postings and an all new look.

Mattbear, who didn't take the loss of BOSCT well, stubbornly insisted on posting on a blog that hadn't been worked on since January. The rest decided to follow suit as we enjoyed the blog and before you know it the greatness was resurrected. I'm happy to see us working on it again as it's fun to have five friends feed off each other's creativity.

As I will be posting on BOSCT from time to time I'll still make Erik's Ramblings my priority. I have to since I have had a flood of movie review requests in the last few days and as promised I'll review each and every one of them, well cept for GI Samurai.

For more information click the links for the beginning and almost end of BOSCT.

"Suddenly life has new meaning to me,There's beauty up above and things we never take notice of, You wake up suddenly you're in love." - Billy Ocean

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Miss Ash said...

I'll have to check it out later.