Aug 6, 2007

Even more car drama.

My car is a friggin lemon. I was driving around and the check engine light came on. I almost cried I was so angry. I just spent quite a penny getting the thing fixed and now I had to take it back to the shop again.

Well the mechanic praised me for the great condition the engine is in as I've been religious in changing the oil and doing all maintenance to manufacturer standards. Well taking care of the engine doesn't mean the water pump, secondary air pump, timing belt, and a light fixture all went tits up on the same freakin day. Yes all this happened in one day.

Well the cost of the repairs are really high and I'm borrowing my parents boat of a car till I can save all money to get it all fixed in one sitting. If I got the parts repaired one by one the labor fees would skyrocket. I still haven't paid off the thing. Yeah I feel kinda pathetic right now.

What's funny is that every time I tell this to someone they always counter with "gee my car has run great for x amount of years and I've never had a problem." If I had a dollar for every time I've wanted to punch somebody in the mouth for saying that I could buy a couple movie tickets.

If one of those people tell me that their significant other cheated on them I'll be sure to say "golly I'm glad my girlfriend is not some dirty whore who gave me genital warts and banged a member of my family."

Okay that may be a little extreme.

"The two things destined to keep you poor are a car and a girlfriend." - Source unknown


mungsprout said...

Aww Im sorry sweetie! I hate car troubles. I remember the VW Rabbit I had and how the local car shop was fixing stuff for free for me because I was literally in there every few days with something new. And then when I finally bought a new car, someone ran over something with it and it screwed up the bottom so bad that the trani went. I have a love hate relationship with cars in general

whatigotsofar said...

Maybe you should go to the library and pick up car maintenance for dummies or something. Sometimes fixing some stuff in there can be easy, if you don't mind getting your hands dirty.

Miss Ash said...

Gee, my car has run....oops, i'll shut up!!!

Cars are so freaking expensive to have.

Mattbear said...

Oh man, that sucks. I have horrible luck with cars, so I feel your pain. Since getting my first car at age 17, I have left a trail of dead, broken, abused hunks of junk in my wake. I can tell you, there is no brand, no model, nothing, that is that much more reliable than any other. They all break, they all suck.

And yet I still love cars and driving.